December 28, 2016

Venture Capital for the Private Investor with Carter Williams

iSelect Fund, a Venture Capital firm, raises funds from private investors and finds funds worthy of investment.  Investors can select those firms in which to invest or they can invest in eSelect's evergreen fund, which chooses the next twenty funds for investment.  Carter Williams, founder and CEO with a strong background in venture capital,  seeks to match  investors with middle America companies needing capital.   This portfolio diversifier allows a private investor to participate in vc investing at a lower amount with greater diversification than is usually possible.  Focused on middle America companies, as opposed to Silicon Valley, iSelect is on a mission to increse early stage funding for companies in non-Silicon Valley industries.  Investors and Advisers looking for investment diversifiers and ways to penetrate this historically productive investment asset class will find this interview to be very interesting.  

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