August 30, 2018

Technical Analysis in Trend Trading - with Trader and Author Brian Shannon of

With a couple of decades experience behind him in trading and investment management, Brian discusses trading in today's markets.  As the author of the book, "Technical Analysis Thru Multiple Time Frames," Brian looks at the importance of several pricnicples in trading:

  1-"Risk/Reward or Perceived Edge;"

  2 - The importance of Magnitude over Frequency of profitable trading;

  3- The importance of Support & Resistance and the time frames he uses;

  4 - The price ranges of stocks that he likes to trade, and why;

  5 - How to deal with Earnings Report periods as a trader;

This is a very interesting conversation that anyone interested in trading would find to be interesting and insightful.

You can catch Brian on Youtube, under the  title of "Thermal1" - Hope you enjoy it.

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