Listen to Todd, founder and owner of Zinc Income Fund, a specialty lender in the residential rehab and resale business.  These securitized loans are  of less than 2 years duration, and pay Zinc's investors monthly payouts. In a day of record low interest rates this strategy has a strong track record of above market payouts to investors.  We hope you enjoy it.

Until now, investors could invest into publicly traded companies that are listed on the exchanges (NY Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, etc.), with all information re: these companies being made available to the public via quarterly earnings announcements and audited financial reports.  But, the vast majority of companies are private, so investing in them was much more difficult, as was digging thru financial information of them.  The jobs Act of 2012 made many of these companies eligible for public investing but gathering and analyzing the financial info on the companies remained a daunting task.  This allows the small investor to participate in these Venture Capital and Private Equity opportunities.  KingsCrowd provides the information and analytics to evaluate these companies.  We hope  you enjoy this interview.

Having spent his entire career in commodities trading, holdng a variety of high level positions w/various major trading firms, Tim started Auspice in 2005.  Focusing on their COM ETF, which is marketed and made available to the public thru Direxion family of mutual funds, It is a tactical, diversified basket of commodities that can be "Long" or in cash, based on rules, trend following, and contango/backwardation.  A very timely and important discussion for today that every investor should hear.

Following a distinguished career as a Naval Officer, Chris started the firm in 2016, investing in various farming and  agriculture diversified portfolios.  They match investors w/farming and agribusiness players, in Private Placement projects, typically w/equity positions.  Focused on the smaller, retail investors, this approach is fairly new and they are very active in the "Indoor Farming" space.  Chris discusses the opportunities and risks of ag investing, which should be interesting to anyone interested in ag investing.

A three plus decade Commodities and Futures trader and prolific writer and contributor for Seeking Alpha, Andrew offers great insight into the world of commodities and futures trading.  Never without an opinion, and always ready to defend his positions, Andrew is a delight to interview, as you will see.  If you are at all interested in learning how this market works, this is the place to listen.  His Brooklyn accent adds to the charm of it all.  Hope you enjoy.

Co-Founder of New Age Alpha, Julian explains the unique methodology of the firm's investment strategy.  Seeking to differentiate the losers from winners, NAA focuses on the "Human Risk Factors" that have been factored into the expected company performance in the future,  NAA's strategy seeks to rely only on the hard data in the company's financial statement in determining the expected future stock price.  They seek to eliminate the vague and ambiguous opinions that impact the expected stock value.  Certainly unique and interesting, investors will find this interview very interesting and certain to provide a perspective and approach that is not found elsewhere.  Hope you enjoy it.

Thematic ETF's have been developed to focus on particular themes of the investment marketplace.  Two of those themes are E-Sports and Gaming/Media Entertainment.  Listen to Mario discuss and explain two of Roundhill's ETF's focusing on these themes.  No question, these are avant-garde investment pursuits, now available to all investors thru a liquid investment vehicle, focused on a very new and evolving portion of the marketplace.  There is nothing ordinary about these ETF's and investors will find it very interesting.  

Dr. Dogan specializes in and researches the trading of company "Insiders" and the active trades of the 10% highest performing Hedge Funds, and publishes that information for his clients. In this interview he tells us what his research uncovers and how that information can be used productively by investors and advisors.  Knowing what companies have "Insiders" who are buying or selling their company's stocks can be a very valuable tool in evaluating the expected performance of a company and their stock,.  In addition, the ability to identify those stocks that are most owned by the higher performing Hedge Funds can be very helpful to investors.  This is one interesting interview.  We hope you enjoy it.   

A 30 plus year veteran in the futures commodities trading arena, and Co-Founder of CTG, Nell tells us about the industry and opportunities of trading commodities in the futures markets.  With retail and institutional traders/investors, typically thru Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA's), this is a less well known portion of the trading industry, and focuses on Gold, Silver and other Metals, Agriculture (corn, sugar, wheat, etc.), Pork Bellies, etc., typically for diversification purposes from U.S. Equites, Bonds, Real Estate, etc.  A very interesting take on this market niche that traders and investors can find to be opportunistic.  We hope you enjoy it.

Listen to Ed Coyne,, Senior Managing Director, for Sprott., who started his career as an Architect, educated at the Univ of Missouri, and switched to asset management over 30 years ago.  Sprott manages over $17 Billion, and focuses on Precious Metals and Real Assets, in variety of formats.  He discusses the reasons to own Precious Metals as well as the various ways and methods to own them.  Anyone interested in this marketplace, which is most every investor, should find this interview very interesting, and we hope that you catch some of the insights he offers.

"Sell in May and Go Away" - We've all heard it, but does it work?  Is it a long term strategy, or has it worked better or worse over the past 10 years?  How has it worked on the NASDAQ 100? Has the market history shown a way to enhance the return of this strategy? What did the "January Barometer" indicate about the returns for 2021? What is "December Low Indicator" and has it been consistent?  What are the top performing  NASDAQ months? The STA has long been a standard of statistics and in-depth analysis (an understatement) of data galore on the patterns of the U.S. Stock Market, and a sure way to get lost in the sea of data for a compelling dive into applicable historical patterns.  And for the past few years STA has partnered with the Probabilities Fund to apply much of this data to real live trading.  This is an episode you don't want to miss.  Jeff is the son of the founding publisher of what is now the 54th Edition, and they just keep getting better.  Hope you enjoy it

After a distinguished career @ PIMCO and the Principal, establishing ETF's, Paul co-founded Simplify to create for Advisors Options based strategies that defined the potential outcomes upfront thru Options.  Listen to how creates these strategies and how they can be used by Advisors.  We hope you enjoy it.

Dr. MIrabile, a professor of finance @ Fordham University,  tells  us about his recent book, "Exotic Alternative Investments" and it is fascinating.  Taking the subject well beyond the usual "Liquid Alts" he delves into far less known categories of "Alternative Investments' and discusses their strengths, weaknesses and the pros and cons of over 20 different categories of exotics.  He touches on the categories of Intellectual Property, Tax Credits, Aircraft Leases, Trade Claims, eSports, Gaming Franchises, Water Rights, Timber, Air Rights, Litigation Finance and many others.  A first of its kind, his book is fascinating, as is the interview.  We hope you enjoy it.

Martin founded Bequest Funds in 2012 and tells us how he creates better than market cash flow returns for their investors by purchasing performing mortgages at a discount on residences t/o the country from banks and hedge funds and working w/the borrowers to work thru any past issues, keep them in their home, while creating a profit.  The majority of the capital in these funds is BQF's management.  Given today's low interest rate environment and the equity market's gyrations, the steady income to investors from this strategy is very appealing to many.  We hope  you enjoy the interview.

Listen to Jon Robinson, co-founder and CEO, who reveals his unique way of landing his first job following college (w/Bear Stearns no less).  He eventually helped established Blueprint, which provides both tactical investing services w/Index Funds, plus practice management services for Advisors.  His, and Blueprint's, approach is based on the "Behavior" of the investor and their Advisor.  Advisors and investors will find their approach to be very interesting.  We hope you enjoy the the interview.

Clint Edgington, CFA, Founder and Principal of Beacon Hill Advisors and creators of the NEST Opportunity Fund, investing in real estate development in Opportunity Zones in Columbus, OH and Lexington, KY, focused on Multi-Family and Single Family development projects.  Clint describes the potential capital gain tax benefits of Opportunity Zones and the compelling opportunities of their projects in Columbus and Lexington.  Anyone interested in Opportunity Zone or real estate investing will find this interview most interesting and enlightening.  We hope you enjoy it. 

With the U.S. Equities in a significantly rising market many investors feel caught between the fear of missing out but recognizing that asset prices may well be over extended and see the probability that a major pull back or even correction could occur at any time.  It is a challenging situation. 

True Shares has created a "Structured Outcome" strategy that protects a portion of a downside move in the market while capturing a significant portion of the upside.  Listen to Charley discuss this strategy w/Mike Loukas, Principal and CEO of True Shares to explain this  unique investment strategy and what it offers to mitigate risk and create upside capture.

As large Institutions have done for years, more investors are turning to Alternative Investments for their retirement investments, requiring asset valuations and regulatory compliance, often unavailable in standard trading platforms.  Ted Parker discusses these opportunities and requirements.  Anyone interested in using these types of investments will find this discussion enlightening and helpful.

After 7 months of lockdown there is wide disparity of opinion on the economy, stock market, expected future movement, etc.  A longtime friend and favorite of our show, Dr. Bob Dieli, PhD in Economics and former top economic advisor to several banks and institutions, provides his take on what has happened, is happening and is expected to happen in these arenas.  Tune in to hear a "No Spin" analysis of present readings and future expectations.                                                    

The credit markets receive far less attention than they should in the marketplace, given the amount of money that is invested there. With a strong background in Private Equity, Verdad has conducted a significant amount of research into what has made Private Equity so successful as an investment strategy, and have found much of the answer in the credit portion of Private Equity.  They have coined the term "Fools Yield" to describe their findings.  Greg's experience is in the area of High Yield Bonds, and he is credited w/much of the insights that have resulted from their research. Their findings have been published and presented at various conferences and received much attention.  Credit investors (which is most investors)  should be aware of what they have found in their analysis. We hope you enjoy this conversation.

Ever effervescent and lively, Dr. Mira is an Economist raised behind the Iron Curtain in a Communist country, now a Columbia University trained PhD in Economics and accomplished speaker and presenter t/o So. Calif on the economy, and Co-Director of the Woods Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting @ Cal State Fullerton, Dr. Mira shares her insights on the U.S. Economy.  You won't want to miss this interview - It covers lots of ground, w/worthy insights about the economy throughout.

Gary, a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering, spent decades in this field, including time w/NASA.  In 1994 he started Harloff Capital to create investment strategies and manage assets. His focus is on market selection and rotation, not individual stocks.  Listen to his views of how to select those markets he believes are the most likely to rise in the near future.  Any equity investor should find this interview to be very interesting.

Listen to Michael, the Chief Investment Strategist for SSGA, which is the 3rd largest money manager in the world, w/ over $3 Trillion in Assets Under Management and the founders of the SPY ETF in 1993, the S&P 500 Index ETF, the first ETF and the largest traded security in the country.  Michael discusses his "3 Surprises" forecasts for 2020 and their Sector Rotation strategy.  Michael is in demand by the media and his ideas/views are sought after repeatedly.  You'll find this to be interesting.

Started by Dr. Andrew Rudd, former Professor of Finance @ Cornell Univ, Advisor Partners focuses on providing niche services in tax efficient investing and SRI, all with advanced technologies and proficiency in these areas. They perform tax harvest strategies as well as SRI investment selection tailored to the specific portfolio and goals of each client.  Listen to Rahul tell how they do it.

Passed in 2017, as part of the tax reform act, Qualified Opportunity Zones present a unique opportunity to achieve partial Capital Gains Tax relief by re-investing gains into geographical areas that are typically less attractive to development projects.  Listen to Dan Fullmer, Chief Investment Officer, to understand this new opportunity.  Focusing on the Intermountain West's lesser populated areas, they develop Multi-Family units for Qualified Opportunity Zones.  Investors should be aware of this new opportunity.

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