Insightful interviews and discussions with leading portfolio managers, investors and entrepreneurs from the world of alternative investments.

Founder and CEO Will Rhind will be a speaker at the conference, to be held in NYC on May 1.  He will be speaking about the importance of adding commodities to a well diversified portfolio, either as a hedge against inflation or for pure diversification.  He discusses with us who invests in Granite Shares and why.  

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As CIO of Infinity Q, James will be speaking at the Conference on May 1 to be held in NYC, and will be addressing Volatility in the Equity Markets.  Discussing investing thru Volatility, a specialty of Infinity Q, he tells us who invests thru Volatility, and why.   

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No stranger to Alternative Investments, as a 29 year Alternative Investment specialist firm, author of books on Alternative Investments, founders of a two decade old Alternative Investment Portfolio,  Rick will again be the Co-Chair of this conference, scheduled for May 1 in NYC, Rick will be speaking at the conference several times, including on the subject of "Liquid Alts 2.0".  Here, he briefly discusses the role of Alternative Strategies in risk management.  

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Don is the founder and CEO of JV Events Group, and the producer of the conference, to be held in NYC on May 1.  Having produced conferences for sixteen years, including the Inside ETF's Conference, he discusses the unique model that their conference model follows.  With several conferences planned for 2018, this conference is well timed for buyers/allocators/advisors, with an all star set of presenters.

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Director of Investor Relations, Paul will be one of the speakers at the May 1 Conference in NYC.  He will be speaking about the BP Emerging Markets Long/Short Strategy. He discusses the role of Alternative Investments in a properly diversified portfolio, and who invests in their fund, and why.  

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With a background in creating indexes, Scott took the United Nations' 17 Sustainable, Development Goals and created an ETF containing those companies that address one or more of the these U.N. Goals.  After providing his insight into the accuracy of index ETF's, Scott discusses the genesis of Serenity Shares formation.  Filtering all stocks, looking to identify those companies that  focus on achieving one or more of these SDG's, resulted in the selection of 110 companies, who form the index and ETF.  Very interesting, especially for those who seek to "...invest for a return while making a difference."  Scott gave presentations at the Annual Sustainable, Responsible Impact Investing Conference in late 2017.

Founder and CEO Mark Landis tells about Wavelength Capital's strategy, or focus, to have a low volatility fixed income portfolio that is immune from rising and falling interest rates.  They invest into four different portfoios, designed to perform in eachof four  economic environements, dealing with growth and inflation. Then, they apply market neutral long/short strategies  and apply factors to hedge out changes in interest rates.  Their investors are looking to create profits in any and all economic markets.  With the expectation of rising interest rates, and most investors having some portion of their portfolio in Fixed Income, this is a story that investors and Advisors will find to be very intersting and is very applicable to their investment portfolios.

As CEO of Wunder Capital, Bryan discusses the opportunities of providing capital to the commercial projects solar energy market.  Wunder raises funds from investors to fund commercial solar energy projects. Starting with private, retail investors, they now have Family Offices, RIA's and other professionals as investors.  Issuing notes, they offer yields that are greater than many market fixed income offerings.  This appears to be a unique way to contribute to the expansion and implementation of  renewable energy systems while offering to investors a higher than typical yield.  We recommend that everyone listen to this unique investment opportunity.

Listen to David, a CFA charterholder and designated speaker for the CFA Institute, Managing Member and CIO of Coloma, a Commodity Trading Advisory firm (CTA), discuss the role and opportunity of commodities investing thru the futures markets. Coloma uses quantitative methods plus fundamental analysis, applied with discretion, to create investment strategies. Discussing the misconception by many investors of the futures marketplace, David explains the role of commodities in adding a non-correlated strategy/asset class to an investment portfolio.  Coloma offers two strategies, one focusing on commodities and the other on volatility.  Using fundamental analysis, which is rarely applied to commodities, Coloma offers an alternative approach to commodity investing vs. the usual trend-following method.  Anyone interested in adding truly low-correlated assets in a portfolio will find this interview to be very interesting.

Yes, that is his real name - Max is the Director of Investment Strategies @ ETF Securities.  Headquartered in London, with about $24 Billion in assets under managemetn, they offer commodity investments thru ETF's.  Discussing the role of commodities in a truly diversified portfolio, helping to offset the volatility that can be created in other markets (i.e. S&P 500) Max identifies misconceptions of commodity investing.  He also discusses "Tracking Error" in ETF's in certain commodities, an issue for many investors.  Listen to Max tell us about the opportunities in the commodities world thru ETF's.

Brian, an attendee at a half dozen previous conferences, discusses the panels, attendees and quality of the content at the conference.  He talks about the increase in 1031 Exchange business and the opportunities of this market for investors.  Investing in student housing at universities, typically thru 1031 Exchanges, Brian discusses this investing opportunity, moving into the less congested markets.

Jay, a first time attendee, discusses the quality of the conference and attendees and the growing regulatory environment.  Jay discusses McDonald Realty Group's focus on housing in the Dallas area and the opportunities there.  

As an 8-10 year returning speaker, panelist, exhibitor, Jim discusses why he and Noble Street keep coming back to this IMN Conference.  Jim also discusses the role that Noble Street Advisors plays in the reporting process to investors and lenders by the sponsors and others.  They provide CFO advisory services, outsourced accounting services and technology design.  

Matthew, COO of the firm, and a first-timer at this IMN conference, discusses the quality of attendees, the new relationships they created from the conference and the nurturing of current realtionships. Matthew, COO of STC, a "Transfer Agent" providing transfer and back office solutions, discusses the role of a "Transfer Agent" and their importance to the industry.

Michael provides a view of the conference from a first timer's perspective.  Conestoga offers the opportunity to invest into Life Settlements, with the unique feature of offering liquidity for the investor.  Offered to "Accredited Investors" only, he discusses the uniqueness of this product for investors.

Tony is the Associate Executive Director, has attended 5 of these IMN conferences, and discusses the issues facing this industry at this time.  Those in the industry will recognize the importance of working thru regulations and handling various issues. 

Listen to this 5 minute interviw on OCTR with Charley Wright on how he became convinced by listening to a podcast.  You'll be glad you heard this.  This is a story that needs to be heard.

Former journalist and coumnist for "Heard on the Street" for the Wall Street Journal, plus author of several books, including "When Genius Failed" and "America's Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve," Roger shares insights and thoughts from his two plus decades of investigating, interviewing and writing about the financial industry.  You won't want to miss this.

Listen to this interview with Robert, Co-Founder and CIO, discuss the strategies they have created.. With an approach that aggregating returns into Alpha and Beta, using Hedge Funds to generate Alpha while seeking to reduce systematic risk of Beta thru Futures and Options. They select Hedge Funds likely to produce Alpha and hedge out systematic risk with derivatives designed to achieve Market Neutral approach that isolates Alpha.  This is a most interesting approach to Alpha investing that listeners will find to be very interesting.

After more than a decade on Wall Street, Landon started his own Hedge Fund/Asset Management firm to offer a productive investment management process and a quality client experience.  They are focused on Global Macro strategies, all four major asset classes on financial exchanges t/o the globe, and invest long and short. Using a variety of factors, they invest with a "Top Down" perspective, and select both markets and individual companies.  Landon offers some contrarian and very interesting approaches to asset management which every investor will want to hear. We feel sorry for anyone asked to debate Landon.  His comments and postions are compelling and we are sure that any investor will appreciate hearing them.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), which was formerly known as Socially Responsible Investing, is designed to align the investors values with their portfolios. As a leader and one of the early adopters of SRI/ESG investing, Gabelli's ESG Strategy uses measures of ESG to determine where to invest.  Moving from "Negative Screening" to being forward looking, the industry has developed metrics to measure the performance and committment of companies worldwide in key areas of sustainability, environment, socially advantageous activities, et al.  This ecosystem of information has allowed ESG focused strategies to more confidently identify those companies that are more worthy of support by investors with particular values and views. Having spent years in this industry, Christina discusses the changes in this industry.  Very interesting interview for any investor, as this is a growing and ever more popular segment of the investment world.

Ray discusses the opportunities of private credit thru real estate bridge loans. Partnering with lenders throughout the country, AlphaFlow purchases existing real estate bridge loans of 6-12 months in duration, with 80-90 different loans in a pool for investors.  Most of these loans are to "Flippers" who purchase homes, renovate/rehab them, then sell them.  For Accredited Investors only, they raise funds from institutional investors and private, retail investors.   Any investor looking for higher than market yields (who isn't?) will find this to be very interesting.

Tyler is a first time attendee at the SRI Conference, and discusses how friendly everyone is and how productive the networking has been.  Previously focused on institutional investors for the past 34 years, LIIF, a non-profit, now raises capital from private investors to invest in opportunities that reduce poverty thru financing projects in low income areas - i.e. affordable housing, healthcare clinics, child care facilites etc., with projects in 21 states.

The Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investment Conference (SRI Conference) was held in Coronado Island, CA in Nov 2017.  It was the 28th annual SRI conference and had about 800 attendees.  This interview was conducted at the conference.

Foliofn Inc will be the producers of the SRI Conference going forward, and Steve discusses Foliofn's committment to SRI investing and community and to expanding its reach thru future conferences and other gatherings. Foliofn is a Broker Dealer and Custodian, offering expanded, deeper and more sophisticated services for investors and advisors, with a strong emphasis on customizing portfolios, including SRI investing. Steve is positioned  to have a significant impact on the SRI community thru the SRI annual conferences and other SRI focused gatherings in the future, so his insights are especially valuable for this community.

The Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investment Conference (SRI Conference) was held in Coronado Island, CA in Nov 2017.  It was the 28th annual SRI conference and had about 800 attendees.  This interview was conducted at the conference.

With First Affirmative Financial Network, Steve has produced 22 of the 28 SRI Conferences, including this one.  He discusses what the attendees are saying about the conference, including the 300 first timers.  Providing insights into what SRI is all about, and how it offers socially positive impact while creating profits for investors, Steve offers a unique insight into this growing and ever more popular segment of investing opportunities.  Anyone interested in SRI investing will find this interview to be very interesting and valuable.

The Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investment Conference (SRI Conference) was held in Coronado Island, CA in Nov 2017.  It was the 28th annual SRI conference and had about 800 attendees.  This interview was conducted at the conference.