September 15, 2017

VC Investing in Tech Start ups - Coastal Grove Partners - with Ali Mahrouyan

Ali, Managing Director of CGP, discusses the rapidly increasing investing opportunities in Tech investing in So. Calif.  Ali sees the So. Cal area as being able to surpass the Silicon Valley for Tech Start ups.  Having been in Tech VC investing in Silicon Valley for over 20 years, with a Family Office and with VC firms, after 10 years in So. Cal Ali recognizes the tremendous growth in this industry in recent years and sees it cotinuing, and increasing.  CGP's unique business model, fund of funds in the VC space, looks to take advantage of their relationships and insights and contacts in this area.  In 2010 the So. Cal VC Tech investments totalled $400 million.  In 2015 it totalled about $5 Billion.  Listen to Ali tell this fascinating story.

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