October 19, 2017

Variable Long Short Investing - Balter Invenomic Fund - with Ali Motamed

After a Harvard MBA, Ali joined Boston Partners and was Co-Portfolio Manager of their Long Short Equity Fund, being named Manager of the Year by Morningstar for the "Alternative" category in 2014. Ali explains why he likes Long Short strategies (Balter Invenomic Fund, BIVIX)and how he approaches the markets.  He uses Fundamental Analysis and focuses on a longer term timeframe, seeking to avoid "Value Traps" and other hazzards of shorter term investing.  He runs a disciplined process with a fluctuating short book, hence the term Variable Long Short.  He discusses short selling and its uniqueness in portfolio management as well as misconceptions of long short strategies.  Ali's views and experience in this strategy are well worth hearing for any investor or advisor.

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