December 19, 2016

The Case for Managed Futures With Martin Bergin

Martin Bergin is president and owner of DUNN Capital, a Commodity Trading Advisor (“CTA”) firm based in Florida. In this episode of Strategic Investor Radio, Mr. Bergin and host Charley Wright discuss DUNN Capital’s history – including that of its colorful founder – as well as the firm’s trading methodology and how the futures market works in general.
DUNN Capital boasts a research team that includes four PhDs. The firm trades in 54 different futures markets across seven sectors: energy, metals, currencies, interest rates, bond indices, equity indices, and agricultural products. Bergin says he does not recommend individual investors buy or sell futures contracts themselves – since only a deposit of 10% is required in most cases, a move of greater than 10% in the wrong direction could incur a loss of greater than 100% of the initial investment. Instead, he recommends investing with quality CTA firms, which are able to diversify risk across a multitude of markets and contracts.

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