May 10, 2017

Sunrise Capital and CalAlts with Jason Gerlach

Listen to Jason tell about Sunrise Capital and CalAlts.  Sunrise Cap dates back to the 1970's, one of the oldest Quant/Macro Funds in the industry, long before Hedge Funds started their ascent.  Their Sunrise Evolution strategy invests long and short across a diversified basket of assets.  They look for patterns, statistical trends and behavior, etc. They focus on Price, Volatility, Volume, etc., not the fundamentals of markets.  They invest in markets, not individual stocks, using the Futures and Equity Markets using ETF's.  They work with Advisors and directly with investors.

As Pres of CalAlts, the association for Hedge Funds in California, Jason discusses the association, its history, what it does, who belongs, etc.  Listen to Jason tell why, in the current investment environment, investors should consider the more sophisticated opportunities that exist in the Alternative Investment space. 

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