May 21, 2015

Stadion Money Management

Listen to this interview with Greg Morris of Stadion on their unique strategy in determining when to be invested and when to be in cash.  Unlike almost all mutual funds, which apply a “Buy & Hold” strategy,  Stadion uses proprietary methodologies to assess the trends of various markets, and makes market investment decisions accordingly.  Their Trend Following system seeks to capture upside gains in markets while avoiding downside moves, which is a rare endeavor in the mutual fund world.  Greg is an author of several books on trend investing and a longtime student of the markets.  He speaks throughout the country on this subject and offers some very interesting insights on trend following opportunities.  

NOTE:  As of the date of this interview, Partnervest Advisory Services did not have any ownership interest in any of the mutual funds offered by Stadion Money nor should this interview be considered an offer to sell  these mutual funds. 


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