December 28, 2016

Longboard’s Long/Short and Managed Futures Strategies

Eric Crittendon, Chief Investment Officer of Longboard Asset Management, discusses their two funds, both focused on low correlation with stocks and bonds.  Their Long/Short strategy is based on trend following, focused on long duration trends.  This rules based strategy holds long stocks but shorts index futures, a unique approach to long/short investing.  The desired result is a low beta investment, being net long higher trending stocks and synthetically net short the stocks NOT trending higher.  Their flagship program, Managed Futures strategy, uses similar trend following methodology to the Long/Short fund, and goes long and short for each market.  With a longer holding period than most Managed Futures strategies, Eric discusses the background and elements of their strategy and investment philosophy in Managed Futures.  These strategies are unique in the marketplace and Eric knows how to explain them. 

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