July 3, 2017

Hedge Connection - Bringing Hedge Funds and Allocators Together, with Lisa Vioni

Lisa, CEO and Founding Partner, tells us how Hedge Connect brings together Hedge Funds and institutional investment Allocators thru a platform and thru premier networking events.  This is a unique service and platform for institutional investors.  From a background in mortgage derivatives with Lehman and others, Lisa took a hiatus from the investment world and went to Broadway (yes, as in Broadway shows) and became a Producer, winning an Emmy.  Then returned to the investment world, saw an opportunity to serve the Hedge Fund industry, and formed Hedge Connect.  In addition to the website, they now offer the Global Fund Forum, held in Bermuda, to gather managers and investors, connecting in a variety of ways, including pre-scheduled one on one meetings.  It includes "Deal Ring" which is their own "Shark Tank."  Toward the end she discusses her Broadway experience, which you will not want to miss.  You will definitely find this interview to be interesting, in many ways.  

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