July 6, 2018

ESG Investing thru Indexes - S-Network Global Indexes - with Gregg Sgambati

Publishing over 200 indexes, S-Network Global uses these indexes to provide the underlying investments for focused and specialty ETF's.  Gregg is responsible for developing those indexes that are used to create these custom ETF's with ESG focus and purpose.  This is certainly a timely topic, with Blackrock and now Walmart making policy decisions focused on ESG factors.  The world is changing, and those not at least following these changes can be left behind.  S-Network is, together with Reuters, in the forefront in creating opportunity in this specialty arena.  We hope you enjoy the interview. 

FYI for our listeners - S-Network is sponsoring the 6th Annual "Summer in the City CSR Investing Summit" in NYC on Wed, July 18.  Our listeners receive $100 off the Registration price by applying the Code  “OCTalkRadio” - The Conference website is www.csrinvstingsummit.org.

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