July 22, 2015

Dr. Mark Skousen

Dr. Mark Skousen, Chair of Management at the Mark Skousen School of Business at Grantham University in New York, Presidential Fellow at Chapman University, author of twenty-five books on economic issues, thirty-five year publisher of his flagship Newsletter – Forecasts and Strategies -  and now three additional investment newsletters,  investment analyst and the owner and founder of the FreedomFest Conference, in its ninth year in Las Vegas.  Dr. Mark recommends specific stocks, mutual funds and ETF’s to his subscribers, including trading recommendations.  Few newsletters have survived thirty-five years, so he has a devoted following.  People are always interested in Dr. Mark’s opinions and recommendations.  The second half discusses the FreedomFest Conference, a unique conference that combines politics and investing, with very high profile speakers.  You would not want to miss this interview.

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