February 2, 2016

Bluerock Capital Management

Listen to Paul Dunn describe the rather unique real estate investment opportunities that Bluerock offers. Bluerock is an institutional real estate firm that develops, buys and manages large real estate projects in major U.S. cities. These types of properties are typically owned by institutional investors (pension funds, endowments, etc.) and Bluerock makes them available to the private investor thru their funds. They offer these institutional quality investments thru mutual funds as well as private placement projects with large investors with specific goals. Investors looking for institutional quality real estate with a track record of very low volatility will find this interview to be very interesting.

Note that past performance is not indicative of future performance. As of the date of this interview (December 11, 2015), Partnervest Advisory Services, LLC nor any of its clients held shares of Bluerock’s mutual fund, TIPRX.

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